Ayurvedia Pharmacy (Dacca) Ltd.

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Triple the total turnover within the next three years

    Market leadership in the Ayurved Segment (since 1912 AP has been in Ayurved medicine market)
    Grow AP market share in the Food & Cosmetics Market

AP Management is very dedicated to further speed up the progress of the organization by injecting innovation, dynamism and business farsightedness. The Company is now set to contribute towards the growth of the economy and the development of the nation through industrialization; thus also solving the unemployment problem to a great extent.


The Company has implemented decentralized management providing a check-and-balance system at all levels to ensure efficient implementation of its actions and operations. The organization fosters a participative style of management and has a regular system for involving all employees in decision-making. It has four departments headed by four HODs. These highly qualified and experienced heads of department involve the employees at all levels and lead them in productive meetings and group problem-solving sessions. Currently AP has four departments. They are:


Sales & Marketing


Finance & Accounts

    Production & Administration
    Supply Chain
  Management Board:
  A.F.M. Fakhrul Islam Munshi
Group Chairman
Raquib Md. Fakhrul
Razee Md. Fakhrul
Vice Chairman & Managing Director



The Chairman (Raquib Mohammad Fakhrul) establishes control systems and sets standard against which the performance of the firm is measured. The management function of controlling is thus implemented and progress is made day-by-day. There is an established organogram to maintain discipline within management. AP has set job descriptions for all employees, which are revised from time to time, as per the requirements of the situation. AP Management tries to ensure all logistics support as and when needed for smoother operation of the company.


The Company follows the concept of professional marketing to tackle the competition. Accordingly, AP has a set of professionals working in the Sales & Marketing team. As a back up to the promotional efforts of marketing, the Sales people also work closely with them.

  Distribution Network:

Food & Cosmetics Wings: AP has 70 distributors, 40 field forces, five area managers, and one Assistant Sales manager located all over the country to meet the need for AP consumer goods.

Ayuervedic & Unani medicine: AP has 31 of its own branches, 30 branch-in-charges, 14 branch-assistants, as well as 976 regular agents and 500 casual agents in a word, a team of 1,600 people are working to make medicines available all over the country. Thus AP has established an extensive distribution network of its own.


Our Brand Department and Sales Department are working together under the leadership of the Sales & Marketing Manager. AP's marketing team maintains a high degree of professionalism under the leadership of the Head of Department. The team maintains a high morale and ethics in marketing AP products professionally in accordance to consumer expectations.

  Total Quality Management:

AP's Board of Directors, under the leadership of our Chairman, strongly believes in TQM Total Quality Management. We believe this clear-cut and dynamic concept will not only lead AP to become a group of companies but also bring tremendous success and rapid growth in all sectors. The AP Management truly believes in quality from inception to end in rendering their services to our valued customers. AP's QUALITY CONCEPT is realized through Quality in Management, Quality in Productions, Quality in Assurance, strong QC (Quality Control) monitoring activities in line-product checking, Quality in Procurement, Quality in Recruitment, Quality in Training, and Quality in maintaining accounts. In a nutshell AP is working to ensure QUALITY in every aspects of its business. AP another name for the "House of Quality"